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DAA Charity Lottery: 14 Years and £12 Million Raised

This year we will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Devon Air Ambulance charity lottery, which was launched on 21st September 2001. Our lottery has now reached an impressive 37,000 playing members- that’s over 3% of the 1.1 million people living in Devon! Thanks to the participation of our members, the lottery has raised over £12 million for Devon Air Ambulance since it started, supporting the charity and helping to save thousands of lives.


Of course, we’ve also brightened the lives of lucky winners throughout Devon- after all, who wouldn’t want to win £1,350? That’s not even counting our previous Grand Draw winners, who bagged themselves £1,500. For those who don’t grab the top prize, second and third place prizes of £135 and 10 further prizes of £50 are nothing to complain about! However, even if you aren’t a lucky winner, the knowledge that you’re helping to save lives can be rewarding in itself.


Although the lottery has been supporting the charity since 2001, it has really taken off in recent years. In early 2014 we reached 29,000 playing members, meanwhile support for charity lotteries in general rose to record levels. By the end of 2014 this number had risen to over 30,000 members, with the amount raised in 2014 enough to support over 300 life-saving missions. Since the start of 2015, we’ve gained a fantastic 7,000 playing members- so thanks to everyone who has joined! Overall, it’s looking like our DAA charity lottery success is set to continue!


We’re always looking to expand our member base, so if you fancy a flutter then you can join the lottery for only £1 a week, or up to £20 per week if you want to maximise your odds of winning. So, what are you waiting for? You can’t win if you don’t play- sign up for the DAA charity lottery today!

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