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Telephone: +44 (0)1392 466 666

Meet the DAAT Fundraising Team

Our fundraising team are here to offer you support for all of your fundraising events; from coffee mornings to marathons, we are here to help!

We are proud to be independent of Government and National Lottery funding and we rely on the generous support and donations of the people, businesses and communities of Devon.  No matter how big or small your event we can offer you advice and support, from posters, banners, collection boxes, buckets and balloons to press releases and promotion via our website and social media, we can even attend your event and host a stall when required.

We love to hear from our fundraisers, so don’t be shy, contact us today!

We can be found all over Devon throughout the summer at a whole host of events; to find out which events we will be at this year please go to our Events Page.

Our experienced and dynamic team bring a variety of skills to help you maximise the success of your event. To learn a little more about what we each do within the Fundraising team read on:


Caroline Creer, Fundraising Director

Caroline is the longest serving employee of the Trust within our Fundraising team and has been with the Trust since 1997; as well as being Deputy CEO Caroline is head of our Fundraising Team and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Caroline is responsible for setting the fundraising strategies & budget, and ensuring that our fundraising complies with Charity Commission legislation and adheres to the Fundraising Standards Boards code of conduct and that our DAAT Lottery complies with the Gambling Act. Please contact Caroline via email or phone her on 01392 466666 ext 133.




Tracy Owen, Fundraising Manager

Tracy will have been with the Trust for ten years as of October; she started with the Trust in 2006 working in our Lottery Department, today she manages the Fundraising department which includes the Lottery. Within her role Tracy not only works closely with our team of canvassers, but oversees our Lottery, working alongside Finance with Gambling Commission timescales and monthly reporting. Tracy also supports the relationships with our corporate supporters and our charity of the years. As well as this she organises our annual Dragon Boat Festival at Exeter Quay; a great team building event! Tracy also attends presentations to encourage new supporters and networking events. If your company would like to support DAAT please email Tracy or phone her on 01392 466666 ext 134.

Rosey Oakes, Volunteer Manager

Rosey started with the Trust in 2013 and looks after our 450 volunteers. As well as ensuring all our policies and procedures are top notch, Rosey provides support for existing volunteers and recruits and trains new team members; including DofE and Work Experience students. Rosey organises regular volunteer meetings, airbase visits and Long Service award presentations. Once a fortnight Rosey produces Vnews, a newsletter which is emailed to all our volunteers to keep them up to speed with DAAT happenings, and she regularly posts updates and photos on our social media accounts. Rosey is also kept busy giving talks to schools, WIs and clubs. If you would like to join our amazing team of volunteers email Rosey or phone her on 01392 466666 ext 122.

Debbie Gregory, Patient Liaison Officer and Helipad Editor

Debbie has been with the Trust since June 2010 and is our Patient Liaison Officer and Editor of our Helipad magazine.  Due to patient confidentiality our paramedics are unable to tell the Trust about the missions they attend so we have to rely on our patients contacting us directly. Debbie ensures that every patient we hear from has an opportunity to visit our airbase and meet our aircrew and to ask any questions they may have about their incident. Debbie also edits our Helipad magazine; writing our patient stories, thanking our fundraisers and coordinating all the articles that make up this informative and fabulous read. If you have been airlifted or have a story to contribute to our Helipad magazine please email Debbie or phone her on 01392 466666 ext 135.

Louise Newbery, Fundraising Administrator

Louise started with the trust in 2005 and is now in the office two and half days a week providing support to all our community fundraising events, including events where we are invited to attend with a stand. Louise can provide you with posters, boxes and buckets for your event as well as promote your event via social media. Louise also organises talks within Devon’s local communities as well as local schools. If you would like DAAT to attend your community event or if your community group or school would like a DAAT talk please email Louise or phone her on 01392 466666 ext 138.


Peggie Clark, Fundraising Communications Officer

Peggie joined our team in January 2016 and provides communication support to our fundraising team as well as our supporters. From posters and press releases to social media, Peggie can help you spread the word of your event and assist to make it a great success. Peggie also provides support to all of our sponsorship supporters, assisting with setting up online giving pages, providing DAAT supporter clothing and all the necessary support to promote your sponsored event and encourage donations. If you are taking on a sponsored event or would like some assistance with promoting your fundraising event please email Peggie or phone her on 01392 466666 ext 123.

Cat Walker, Support Administrator

After temping for the Trust for four months, Cat became a permanent member of the team in March 2016. Cat provides administrative support to the Fundraising team as well as the Finance team, and is responsible for producing thank you letters to our supporters for their amazing fundraising! Cat is also responsible for the volunteer start up process and providing our volunteers with their uniforms. Cat is also point of contact for our volunteers who collect and replace our permanent collection boxes in shops and businesses all over Devon. If you would like to hold a permanent box for us or your box is full please email Cat or phone her on 01392 466666 ext 127.


Brian Chapman, Logistics Support Officer

Brian is the newest member of our team and joined the Trust in February 2016. Brian is responsible for organising the logistics and staffing for DAAT led and attended events, ensuring gazebos and support material are at every event. Brian is also event coordinator for our annual Motorcycle Ride Out ensuring that the day is a great success. Brian also assists our volunteers with the collection and replacement of our permanent boxes when he is out and about in Devon. If you would like DAAT to host a stall at your event please email Brian or phone him on 01392 466666 ext 190.

Afnan Tellesy, Database Administrator

Afnan joined the team in February 2014 and is responsible for allocating funds coming in via post and from our shops; Afnan ensures all funds are allocated on our database against the correct fundraiser, meaning our fundraisers can be thanked for every penny they raise! Afnan is also responsible for ensuring participants who sign up to DAAT led events are added to the database as well as dealing with direct debits and standing order donors. Afnan ensures the database is up-to-date with the correct supporter details and deals with our Helipad mail out. Please email Afnan or phone her on 01392 466666 ext 144.

Jane Raddon, Lottery Administrator

As of November 2016 Jane will also have been with the trust for ten years! Jane is in the office three days a week and manages all incoming post to the Trust as well as deals with all queries related to our in-house DAAT Lottery; setting up new members and inputting lottery data onto our Lottery database. Jane is also responsible for conducting the weekly draw and informing our lucky winners! Jane also deals with fundraising queries, setting up events and talks and can provide you with necessary support to ensure your event is a brilliant success. If you would like to find out more about signing up to our lottery or would like support for your fundraising event please email Jane or phone her on 01392 466666 ext 130.

Ambrose, our Mascot

Ambrose loves to get out to our events and meet with his fans – so keep your eyes peeled this summer for him! He also regularly attends local schools to give talks, if your school would like a talk and the opportunity to meet Ambrose please email or phone 01392 466666.


We are so grateful to all of our supporters and we love to hear from you so please do get in contact with us!

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