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Keeping Operations Organised

Catherine Moss-Crump (centre) is our Executive Assistant to our Operations Director and helps to keep our growing Ops team organised. We sat down to chat more about her role:  

How did you come to work for DAAT?

In March 2015 I saw the Trust were advertising for the position of Executive Assistant to the Operations Director. The role appealed to my organised nature, my friends regularly tease me that I have lists for my lists, so I thought the position would be a good fit. At the time I was working as a Health Researcher and I felt it was time for a new challenge. I have always admired the work DAAT do, I know several people, including my Dad, who have benefited from an Air Ambulance, so I jumped at the opportunity to work for them. I was delighted when I was offered the job, I joined the Trust in June 2015 and haven’t looked back. I am happy to report that I am through my probationary period and the team are stuck with me.

What is your role?
Good question, I am still figuring that out. As with any EA / PA, a large part of my role is Inbox, diary and task management as well as organising travel and accommodation when required. I keep a number of databases up to date and check them for errors, I minute operational meetings and I am responsible for updating our AOC Operations Manual. The paramedics have recently enrolled on a Master’s Degree course for Pre-hospital Critical Care and Retrieval and I report on this activity. Mostly though my role involves keeping on top of (well trying at least) what’s going on in the Operations department. As the department consists of the Ground Operations Director, the Flight Operations Director, the Safety Manager, the Engineer, the Pilots and the Community Helipads Officer there is always a lot going on.

What do you love about your job? 
I love working with a group of people who are all pulling together towards a common goal. No matter what everyone is doing, the reason we all do what we do is never far from our minds. I also love the variation and challenges my role brings.

I have already joined in with our annual Dragon Boat Race and been lucky enough to attend a couple of conferences which I found extremely interesting. I have been involved in an airbase visit where former patients and their families attended one of our airbases to meet the crew and learn more about the charity, this was an extremely humbling experience. I have also joined the Exeter PA network and I am meeting lots of interesting people through the events they hold.

What have been your biggest challenges (so far)?
I am still fairly new to the role so I would say getting to grips with the aviation industry has been my biggest challenge, there have been times when I thought I could learn a foreign language faster but I am getting there, the many many acronyms are starting to make sense and I love the challenge.

What are your aspirations?
My aspirations at the moment mainly centre around increasing my understanding of all things operational. I am also hoping to become more involved in the charity and I have already put my name down for this year’s Dragon Boat race.

It is a privilege to join such a fantastic organisation and I am looking forward to what 2016 will bring.  

Pictured:(back row left to right) Toby Russell, Community Helipads Development Officer; Ian Payne, Flight Operations Director; Jeff Glover, Aircraft Engineer; (front row left to right) Rob Mackie, Safety Manager; Catherine Moss-Crump Executive Assistant to Operations Director; and Nigel Hare, Operations Director.


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