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How to promote your fundraising event

Well done! You’ve organised your fundraising event – ticking off all the logistics, health and safety implications and legal necessities. All you need to do now is tell people about it!

So, how do you make sure that people know when, where, and how to support your event? Here are some suggestions.

Social media

It might seem obvious, but if you use Facebook, Twitter or other social media tools, make sure that you share the details of your event with your friends and followers. Encourage them to share the event listing with people they are connected to, and you will be surprised how many people you can reach. The best bit – this is completely free!

Noticeboards and community spaces

If your local community has a noticeboard, find out if you can display a poster there in the run up to your event. This is great if it is near somewhere that people tend to stand and wait (like a bus stop), as they are more likely to read and inwardly digest what is in front of them.

If your event is at your local school you may be able to display a poster there or even send fliers home with the children or via their intranet.

Local media and parish magazines

Depending upon the scale of your event, you might like to think about contacting your local newspaper, TV/radio station or parish magazine. It might be possible to include your event in their ‘What’s On’ listings/programmes, but be aware that there may be a cost to do this.

Your venue

If you are holding your event at a public venue, such as a village hall, ask them if you can display a poster or banner somewhere prominent in the run up to your event. Perhaps they have railings where you could tie a banner, or would be happy for you to display a poster in their window?

Contact us!

If you are holding a fundraising event for Devon Air Ambulance Trust, please get in touch and let us know! We would love to promote your event on our website and via social media, and may also be able to arrange for you to display a poster in our nearest charity shop. We can also send you posters and banners (you can also download them online!) for you to display in your local community, so don’t be shy!

Email us at  or give us a call on 01392 466666.

Thanks for supporting us, and good luck with your event!

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