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Its National Volunteers Week Next Week

The Devon Air Ambulance Trust are planning many exciting events to celebrate Volunteers’ Week this year.

Volunteer Coordinator Rosey Oakes said “We have hundreds of volunteers beavering away across the county and they play a crucial role in keeping our two helicopters flying.  National Volunteers’ Week is an opportunity to say thank you to them – so we’re having tea parties, special window displays and a special  invitation-only visit to our Airbase to meet the crew!

We are always looking for new volunteers and currently need people to help in various roles across Devon.  Every volunteer is invaluable to us, so if you would like to make a difference, we’d love to hear from you!

Job Seeker Rob started with DAAT as a volunteer and will soon take up a permanent position at the Trust’s new Furniture and Electrical Store in Exeter.  Rob is delighted to join the staff and said “Volunteering has opened up a whole new opportunity for me.  I really enjoyed my time as a volunteer driver’s mate, which came at a time when I was out of work and job hunting. The DAAT team really do treat you as part of the family and I felt at home here straight away.”

Margaret helps in our Totnes shop.  She’s  retired and says “I volunteered for the Devon Air Ambulance when I heard about the new shop opening in Totnes.  I thought it was a good way for me to make friends. The shop is always full of chatter and laughter”.

Ninety year old Marie is a part of the team at our Barnstaple shop.  She joined shortly after she was widowed and found herself at a loose end with time on her hands. Marie has formed really close friendships with the other volunteers and they now go on regular breaks together. She said “Every day is different and the shop is always filled with the sound of laughter and fun!”.

Eighteen year old Toby volunteered at DAAT’s Tiverton Shop whilst job hunting after leaving college.  He told us “When I started volunteering I had never worked in a shop and was scared of talking to the customers and using the till.  Day by day my confidence increased and now I’m quite happy chatting to anyone and actually using the till is really easy.  This experience has stood me in good stead at interviews and I’m happy to say that I’m starting an apprenticeship this month. I don’t think I would have got the job if I hadn’t had the training and experience at DAAT.”

If you are hoping to return to the job market after an absence, or if you are a teenager about to look for your first job, then volunteering can give your CV a real boost and put you ahead of the competition.  You will find your confidence and self-esteem will increase, and you will learn valuable new skills.  Did you know you can also earn an NVQ in customer service whilst volunteering for us?

Volunteering has proven health benefits too!  Studies have shown that volunteering decreases depression and stress and can lower blood pressure and help you lose weight!  What’s not to like?

Become part of the DAAT family - our volunteers make up an essential part of our ground crew and we really couldn’t do without them! 

For more information contact:
Devon Air Ambulance Trust’s Volunteer Support Officer
Email: Rosey Oakes or ring 01392 466666 ext 122

We are currently looking for someone to look after our collecting boxes in Totnes.  Sarah Snell, who has been doing a fabulous job for us, is cutting back her work load and so we need someone to take on her boxes in and around the town centre.  Sarah said “I have really enjoyed all the months I have done and met so many lovely people.  I am going to stay on as a volunteer and I hope to help out at occasional events.”

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