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The Lads in their Hundreds - World War 1 in letters and songs

Devon Air Ambulance Trust is honoured to have been chosen as the nominated charity of choice for this moving musical evening.

Straight from successful performances in Essex the cast are bringing ‘The Lads in their Hundreds’ on the road.  Specifically they are taking it to their home towns.  It’s a commemoration of ordinary people and the cast wanted to share it with their own families, friends and communities.  Mark  Hansford (baritone) grew up in Exeter and his family live in Topsham. In fact his mum is a volunteer in the Charity’s Topsham shop.

Mark explained “Myself and the cast share a common professional training in music and singing. We all met as students at the Trinity College of Music in London and later at The Knack, part of the Baylis programme at ENO (English National Opera). We have collaborated on various projects and were humbled to be asked to create a new piece to commemorate the centenary of The First World War and after many months of research and rehearsal ‘The Lads in their Hundreds’ was born.”

He added “The Lads in their Hundreds’ is a musical evening looking at World War One through letters sent to loved ones and music composed and popular at that tim.e It focuses on the experiences of ordinary individuals and their families; from those saying goodbye at train stations to those adapting to life afterwards.  Through sketches and songs the cast weave an intricate picture of the emotions and practicalities of the time.  It is a unique way of commemorating the War.  Those attending can expect quirky, poignant and yes, expect Tipperary.”

The cast is made up of Mark who is a Baritone, Fru Chilvers (Soprano), Kirstie Mathieson (Mezzo Soprano) and Paul Chilvers (pianist).

Caroline Creer, Fundraising Director said “We would like to thank Mark and the whole cast for choosing to support the Charity.  It really does mean a great deal.”

She added “This is bound to be both an uplifting and emotional evening as it’s true life.  Many of us cannot imagine what it was like and it’s important to have performances such as this to ensure that we never forget.  Why not book your ticket now?  It will be one of those evenings you will remember.”

Tickets are available for £10 each including a glass of wine.  Available by calling Janet on 01392 873222 or Lorraine on 07766950698, or from Devon Air Ambulance Trust shop in Topsham.


“Just to say how much we enjoyed and were moved by the performance”

“It was a wonderfully emotive evening. Many thanks to you all”

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I can't stand reading time-consuming articles, only as i've got a bit of dislexia, but i really liked this one

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