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Totnes shop needs stock for opening

The new Devon Air Ambulance charity shop is getting ready to open on Saturday 15 November but now needs additional stock.  Can you help?

Manager Kirsty Whitaker says “We’re delighted with the shop and it’s great to see it coming together.  However we are now in need of additional stock to make sure the shelves are full in readiness for our opening in two weeks.”

She added “We’re at the shop now from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday until the opening. If you do have items you would like to donate, we’d love to see you.”

Kirsty, and Assistant Manager Sam Reader are also looking for volunteers to help them.

The Trust’s Volunteer Support Officer, Rosey Oakes, added “There are loads of really good reasons to volunteer.  If you’re looking for a job it’s great for your CV and your confidence – you’ll be learning new skills and dealing with lots of different people and situations.  For those new to the area it’s a great way to meet people and make new friends.  And don’t forget the feel-good factor you get from knowing you are doing something to help others!”

If you can offer any time to DAAT then please pop into the shop and talk to Kirsty or Sam or email Rosey at

The shop can accept donations of:

  • good quality clothing
  • accessories (shoes, handbags, jewellery, belts etc)
  • cds and dvds
  • books
  • bric a brac
  • linen/bedding
  • childrens’ toys
  • paintings and pictures
  • vinyls and collectables
  • small working electrical items 

The charity is unable to accept:

  • white goods (eg cookers and fridges)
  • paintings and pictures
  • tvs and any related recording devices
  • large items of furniture
  • safety equipment (eg bike helments, child car seats)
  • exercise equipment and hangers.

Please don’t bin clothing you don’t think is good enough to sell.  Simply put it in a bag marked ‘rags’ as we receive good money for clothes that are ragged.

  • Devon Air Ambulance has been called out to 8 missions in the Totnes/TQ9 area up to the end of September this year
  • Conveyed patients on 4 of these missions
  • 2 patients treated but did not convey
  • 2 missions were stood down
  • Gender of patients carried: 4 male and 4 female
  • Out of the 4 patients flown 3 missions were trauma (accidental) related and one was medical

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Logan Peterson

Logan Peterson says: May 26th, 2015 at 5:48 am

We have a inquiry about the post, where can i get in touch with the writer?

P.N.Brotherton says: August 10th, 2015 at 11:15 am

Dear Ms. Whitaker, I sometimes come to Totnes and on a recent visit I decided to drop into the AA Shop to give a donation of £10 to this important service. Whilst I don't expect people to fall over themselves to thank me for so doing, it was rather dispiriting that your colleague put the money in the till and turned to the next customer without any acknowledgment what so ever! Bit of customer awareness training needed I think.

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