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A June Jog for Charity

Pupils of Culmstock Primary School raised over £400 for Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT) this past June. The children took part in a daily sponsored run around the school field. It is part of the school’s ethos to support local charities, and this year they got the children involved in a healthy way.

By having the pupils do this run every day throughout the month of June, they weren’t just raising funds for DAAT, but also keeping fit. It’s fundraising at the benefit of the children, encouraging them to live a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Culmstock Primary is thankful to everyone who made this successful fundraising activity possible. Mrs Tracey Hailey, Culm Valley Federation Head says, “The children and parents at Culmstock Primary School are always generous with their donations and support, we are thankful for their active participation in giving back to the community”.

The students are being instilled with more than just an appreciation for fitness; they are also learning early in life the importance of supporting their local area. Caroline Creer, Director of Fundraising at Devon Air Ambulance Trust, says, “We are thankful to Culmstock Primary School for putting on such a fantastic sponsored event. What a great way to get everyone affiliated with the school, both adult and child, to get involved in supporting the community. We are grateful for the funds they have raised”.

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