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Our Charity Lottery goes from strength to strength

Across Devon there are almost 29,000 playing members in the Charity’s own Lottery, a fantastic achievement for a lottery which is just 12 years old. 

Caroline Creer of Devon Air Ambulance Trust Lottery said “We are so grateful to the public for their on-going support in what we acknowledge is still hard times for so many people.  The community of Devon as a whole are so supportive of the Charity and we are humbled people continue to join and play our Lottery, as a way to support us on a regular basis.”

Figures published by the Gambling Commission show public support for charity lotteries in general has risen to record levels, with £155 million raised over the last year – a 50% boost in support for charity lotteries over a two year period. 

Caroline added “Our Lottery is one of hundreds across the country which raises money to support a local good cause, or a nationally known charity.  The Gambling Commission figures demonstrate the huge public appeal of playing lotteries as a means of supporting charitable causes even when times are tough.”

The Charity is extremely proud that an average of 70p in the £1 entry is donated straight back to helping keep Devon’s two Air Ambulances flying.

Nationally proceeds from lotteries to good causes stood at £103.46 million in 2010/11.  In 2012 it grew to £132.11 million and last year it reached the highest sum ever of £154.95 million – an annual increase of almost £23 million in 2012/13.   

The latest national figures also reveal the fact that 44.7% (£154.95 million) of all revenues generated by charity lotteries in 2012/13 (£346.33 million) went to good causes, this compares to 43.9% for the previous year. However, in general terms, charity lotteries have to work harder to recruit new players.

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