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Cyclist falls from bike at speed

Jim Scott on bike

Keen cyclist, Jim Scott, was enjoying a ride high up on Dartmoor on Saturday 7th December when, by his own admission, he took a bend ‘way too fast’ and ended up in a heap on the road.  The two fellow cyclists he was riding with rushed to his aid, with one dashing back up the hill to slow traffic down and the other calling the emergency services while staying with Jim.

Not knowing how badly he was hurt but unable to move his head, Jim lay still and awaited help.  Expecting it to arrive in the form of a land ambulance, all involved were most surprised to see the Devon Air Ambulance appear over the hill and land just 50 meters from where Jim lay.

Pilot Pete O’Connor landed the helicopter and paramedics Adrian Parker and Richard Walker ran to Jim’s aid. Learning that Jim had come off his bike at almost 50mph, Adrian and Richard knew he needed to reach Derriford hospital in Plymouth to be checked over as quickly as possible.  With the help of the other cyclists, Jim was taken by stretcher to the waiting helicopter.

During the time that the aircraft had been on the ground, the weather had changed quite dramatically and the area was now clouded in a low fog.  Pete O’Connor demonstrated his piloting skills as the helicopter lifted to a flying height of nearly 3,000 feet and, instead of flying across the moor and through the fog, he detoured to follow the south Devon coastline to Plymouth.

Despite the pain he was in, after a series of scans and tests, Jim was relieved to learn that no bones were broken.  He had suffered tissue damage, along with swelling and bruising and he was released from hospital later the same day.  “I was so impressed with my treatment that day,” Jim explained.  “Loads of motorists stopped to offer assistance and it was less than an hour from when I came off my bike, to being wheeled into the A&E unit at Derriford.  I was conscious throughout and, apart from aches, pains and pulled muscles, I consider myself very lucky!”

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