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Archive for December, 2013

A fathers instinct

Posted by on December 23rd 2013 in Patients

When Olly Daglish collected his 3-year old daughter, Eliza, from nursery school one afternoon in September, he had no reason to suspect anything was wrong.

Just a short time later, however, he realised that Eliza seemed particularly tired and under the weather.  By late afternoon, not having perked up at all, little Eliza seemed ready for bed and, surprisingly, even fell asleep as her dad carried her up the stairs.

Tucking her in and still concerned, Olly watched for a few moments. Normally, after watching her fall asleep he would have left the room but instinct made him stay. He saw, to...

Cyclist falls from bike at speed

Posted by on December 23rd 2013 in Patients

Keen cyclist, Jim Scott, was enjoying a ride high up on Dartmoor on Saturday 7th December when, by his own admission, he took a bend ‘way too fast’ and ended up in a heap on the road.  The two fellow cyclists he was riding with rushed to his aid, with one dashing back up the hill to slow traffic down and the other calling the emergency services while staying with Jim.

Not knowing how badly he was hurt but unable to move his head, Jim lay still and awaited help.  Expecting it to arrive in the form of a land ambulance,...

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