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Andrea's new adventure


I will blame ≠devonhour for getting me into another adventure… I was merrily taking part in the twitter devonhour where you tweet with local businesses and organisations on a Wedensday night. I saw DAAT mentioned the sea swim and suddenly I find myself signed up, signing my friends up and now writing this blog!

I am a bit of a soft touch when it comes to the Devon Air Ambulance. My darling son was airlifted twice after suffering a skull fracture on Christmas morning 2012. Freddie was only three when he fell from his sisters’ bedroom window down to the garden below. Within minutes the DAAT came and whisked us off to Deriford hospital only to be told we would need to go to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol for life saving treatment. My little miracle boy spent a week sedated and then was woken to a remarkable recovery and within 2 more weeks we were home. He had no lasting injuries and we were signed off from the hospital in 3 months. Had this not been for the swift actions of the DAAT would it have been the same story, I really do not think so.

So you’ll understand if the DAAT ask me for anything I jump to it. Even if it scares the living daylights out of me. I have never been a strong swimmer. I do the ‘head out of the water, don’t get my hair wet’ swimming style. I have four kids, Freddie is a twin with his sister Minnie and we also have Eden who is six and Maisie who is seven. They have been having swimming lessons for the past year and watching them made me realize I am worse at swimming than all of them.

My wonderful swimming teacher Laura Morrish of Aqua Stars at Woddacott took me in hand and I have gone from not really liking putting my head in the water to actually swimming and breathing correctly. Now I really need to work on improving my technique and fitness as well as swimming in the actual sea (ugh, don’t like seaweed either…).

We headed to the Bude Sea Pool recently for a practice dip with my friend Katie Davis (who has also signed up to do the DAAT sea swim). It was cold and in one side it was a bit choppy hence swallowing rather a lot of water but at least I had got in and not drowned (or cried!). The wonderful Katie and her husband Kit of the Castle Restaurant in Bude have generously offered to buy me a swimming wetsuit too. So bring it on DAAT! I will keep you posted of my progress on this blog.

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