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Therapy Works South West visit DAAT HQ

Sarah Collier

By Sarah Collier, Therapy Works South West

Devon Air Ambulance Trust provide an invaluable service and we thought the DAAT staff could probably do with some attention themselves. We /Therapy Works South West arrived at the Exeter head office to a warm welcome and set up our special massage chairs in a pleasant office space sandwiched between two busy meeting rooms. Some of the 14 members of staff we saw had never had any kind of massage before and didn’t know what to expect from Seated Acupressure Massage- their 30 minute appointment convinced them of the benefits! In fact, all of these hard working DAAT staff really appreciated the opportunity to unwind and let us attend to their upper bodies – especially tight necks and shoulders. A busy, sometimes pressured, work schedule and unavoidable computer work often leads to muscular aches and pains, headaches and eyestrain.

DAAT staff enjoyed their treatments, combining warming and loosening strokes (to back, neck and arms) with pressure point work (to back, forearms and hands).

“I felt so much better sat at my desk afterwards, it would help greatly regularly”

Many commented on the stretches and passive movements that are part of the treatment and that help to further release key area of tightness – especially beneficial in the neck and shoulder area. “It helped with an existing injury”. Everyone was receptive to some self-care tips on posture and simple stretches to do in the office to minimise the build up of aches and pains from e.g. computer use as well as RSI (repetitive strain injury). “Relaxing, informative, mentally and physically beneficial – very therapeutic” It was really enjoyable and rewarding to spend the day with such a great bunch of people. Thank you DAAT!

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