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Why I got involved with Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Michelle Lovegrove

When I was asked to write a blog for Devon Air Ambulance I decided to take some time to think about the charity and why working with them is so important to me.

As a freelance designer I rarely have the luxury of picking and choosing my customers, but I have to say I am in the fortunate position of genuinely “liking” all of my clients and Devon Air Ambulance is at the top of that list. Not only are they an inspiring group of people to work with, the charity itself provides an essential service for our beautiful county.

As well as being privileged enough to produce design work for the charity, i am on occasion asked to photograph significant events for the Trust on a volunteer basis. Both of these roles keep me in touch with the great work conducted by the charity and strengthens my resolve to assist in any way I can.

My volunteer photography work proves that all businesses, even an independent like me can find a way to support Devon Air Ambulance. I don’t have budgets available to sponsor events or make monetary donations, I can’t even say that I can always really afford the time to volunteer.

However, the patient stories I read whilst designing the Helipad Magazine and the enthusiasm of the DAAT Team encourages me to make the time… could be for my benefit one day after all!

I urge everyone out there to get involved where they can. Pop into your local DAAT shop, or even just buy a lottery ticket. There are countless ways to support Devon Air Ambulance no matter if you are CEO of a large corporation or an individual like me who is just grateful to see our red angels in the sky. 

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