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Julie is back in action and supporting the Daat team


It was my absolute privilege to spend the day with the DAAT staff team last week providing them with a workshop on using Facebook and how it can be used to bring even more support and encouragement to their brilliant work. We had a really good day going over the features of the social network, how to make the most of time spent communicating and connecting with others, and of course how we can develop DAAT pages, groups and campaigns further in the months ahead. Some of the team were a bit reluctant about it all and others only using the network for purely social purposes, but by the end of the session we had a real enthusiasm for how it can be put to effective use to support the Trust.

If you are a regular Facebooker then make sure you ‘like’ their page now to receive lots of updates, features, news and photos -

The workshop came as part of my return to action, and as regular readers of this blog will know this is my way of starting to give back to the charity having been rescued by the DAAT helicopter in August of last year. I am now up-and-about a bit more, able to spend most days in the office, and even though transport and mobility is a challenge with the x-fix frame on my leg, I was able to get to Exeter thanks to colleagues at Cosmic and their support for this work.

And also last week I was able to present to a wonderful ladies networking evening at the Exeter Golf and Country Club courtesy of Old Mill Accounting and it was a further opportunity to explain to business women in the room that – “It Could be You!”. None of us knows when we might need to be rescued, and we really do need to keep offering the team at DAAT as much support as we can to keep this service effective and successful.

The recovery process after the accident and having broken my leg so badly is proving slow and frustrating, but its been highly motivating for me to be able to offer support to the DAAT team, and they’ve given me plenty of added inspiration for the months ahead when I hope to be able to offer plenty more support, ideas and encouragement to their work.

And in other news! My nephew Archie wants to be a Devon Air Ambulance pilot and was absolutely thrilled recently when the helicopter made a landing near his home and he was allowed to grab a few photo moments. He’s an absolute star and clearly has pilot potential don’t you think?

Archie 2

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