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Bethany's work experience week

Guest blogger: Bethany Dean

Like everything new and exciting and completely different you always get some nerves but I never anticipated being so nervous for my first day of work experience. Being a student studying for my GCSEs opportunities to spend a week gaining experience and trying new things seemed quite remarkable. Whereas most of my friends decided to go to the usual places for work experience (primary schools, vets and supermarkets to name a few) I decided to go and find work experience based on my future career. If everything pans out for me I would love land myself a career in neuroscience. That’s how I ended up at the Devon Air Ambulance Trust, learning about how the organisation is run.

However what I never expected is how absolutely vital all the people behind the Trust are. Managing 2 helicopter sites at both Middlemoor and North Devon is a momentous task but the Trust has got it organised so brilliantly. Over my week (10th-14th December) I get to shadow so many people each with a different role and story to tell. Already on my first day I know about the invaluable work the Trust does on a day to day basis. It is these people who are responsible for making the money to ensure the Air Ambulance can fly every day. From fundraising, to press releases, they are the true heroes accountable for saving lives!!

The most obvious question I am going to be asked is what have you done today? Well truthfully I can say a lot!! Firstly I helped out on reception, followed by learning about press releases and then blogs. Well this is definitely an ‘attempt’ at writing a blog!! (Unfortunately not a very good one!!) But the most important question is have you enjoyed your first day of work experience? Well there is just one answer to that and that’s a YES!!

Nerves are just there to make you prepared, not to put you off something. Purely there to help you build up the courage to overcome them. A massive thank you goes out to everyone at the Devon Air Ambulance Trust for having me this week and I thoroughly look forward to the rest of it.

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