Devon Air Ambulance didn’t just save a motorcyclist, they saved a son, a husband and father, and a friend too. I will always remember that.

This Christmas, as we come to the end of the most challenging year in Devon Air Ambulance’s history, we face a hole in our finances of over £2 million. Hundreds of events and personal fundraisers have been cancelled due to Covid-19.

But our highly-trained doctors and paramedics haven’t missed a day’s service and continue to provide life saving treatment to people in Devon at the worst time in their lives. And it’s all thanks to caring people like you.

But, without your support, we can’t guarantee that this life-saving service will always be there for you and your loved ones.

Philip in recovery in hospital following his accidentWill you donate today to be there for people experiencing life-changing emergencies?

People like Philip who was in agony and lost all feeling in his legs after he was catapulted into a hedge from his motorbike in a road smash. He survived thanks to caring people like you and was airlifted to hospital, so he can spend Christmas with his young family.

Saving lives at Christmas

This Christmas looks very different for all of us, but our life-saving crews don’t take a break. Thoughout the festive season, they serve patients – our family, friends and neighbours in Devon - with their highly developed skills and expertise.

Please consider making a donation today so our crews can continue to save lives.

Your gift this Christmas will make a life-saving difference. We're there to care - at Christmas and every day - thank you for showing you care too. And we wish you and yours a safe and happy Christmas.

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