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Futureproofing our service for the people of Devon

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Environmental Sustainability & Stewardship is one of our strategic pillars, and as such, the design and build of the new airbase HQ will seek to support our goals.

At a time when we are more aware than ever of the volatility of access to energy and the costs associated with using our natural resources, we're more conscious than any time past of how to build resilience into our future.

Green aspirations

Our aspirations include:

  • Reducing Devon Air Ambulance's carbon footprint through innovative design & technology.
  • Reducing commuting or facilitating greener commuting to fit with a hybrid working environment.
  • Incorporating environmentally sustainable heating and water systems throughout and using green building materials and construction techniques.
  • Creating resilience in our systems to give us some degree of energy autonomy.

Waste handling/recycling

Throughout the build there will be many recycling opportunities within office spaces, kitchen areas and other shared spaces and for waste limitation to become an integral part of office life. Access for recycling vehicles is a required part of our infrastructure. Having said this, part of our 'green' ethos is to reduce the amount of waste we generate to begin with. This is very much the work of our cross-departmental Green Team and Environmental Sustainability & Stewardship Committee. 

Other environmental sustainability goals include

  • Employing ethical & green building/construction techniques and materials
  • Ensuring robust and renewable energy supplies
  • Creating rainwater collection infrastructure to support aspect of the site that support biodiversity or that could assist with features like water conservation with regards to toilet flushing etc.
  • EV vehicle usage will increase – ensuring we adapt to this with parking spaces/charging points
  • Integration of green technology from our servers to our working behaviours.

Getting future-ready

We've seen how changes in the fuel market have an immediate impact on access to fuel and on the bottom line, which is why we're researching future possibilities like hydrogen for our critical care cars and collaborating with industry to examine the efficacy of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) alternatives. 

Of course, being future-ready is not only about welcoming environmental sustainability features. The build must be ready for the potential to extend the service to respond 24 hours a day. This will be facilitated by many things including the provision of accommodation for crew. Elsewhere, facilities for advanced training will enhance not only the critical care of our own teams, but will extend to other emergency services. Read more about our response to the challenge to delivering a future-ready service through the build.

Keep checking into our news updates for all the latest on our build progress.