This campaign has now concluded and thanks to you we have met our target of £30k!

As local lifesaving charity, Devon Air Ambulance approaches its 30th Christmas serving local communities, they give their thanks to the many supporters who help them to keep responding. 

With well over 31,000 missions responded to over the course of its decades-long history, Devon Air Ambulance has touched a lot of lives, not least the lives of family, friends, colleagues and communities of the patients whom they have helped.  

As a charity that is 100% independent of government funding, this service is made possible entirely thanks to its supporters. 

Kitting up this Christmas 

For each of the incidents crews respond to, clinicians quickly work through the contents of their lifesaving critical care kits, which are stocked with essential medical supplies and equipment. These kits must be fully replenished before crews next go out to a patient experiencing a medical incident or traumatic injury.  

But it's not only expensive monitors, defibrillators and ventilators they must maintain, there are plenty of items that cost only a few pounds but make a significant difference to the care and comfort of patients.  

Here's what Jess, Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care, says about their kits: 

Our kit bags must be ready for every situation, from treating a trauma patient at the roadside, to attending a choking child at home. We re-stock the contents of those bags after every mission, and we’ve recently bought four more bags that we need our amazing supporters to help us to fill.  

'Depending on the incident, we might use a lot of items to help one patient, therefore, we need a spare kit bag ready back at base should we be called out before the used bag is fully replenished.’    

By helping Devon Air Ambulance to stock their kit bags, your gift to them this Christmas could help to save lives. Charlotte Leventis, Head of Communcations at Devon Air Ambulance says: 

Our clinicians don’t want a lot for Christmas, but they do want your kind and continued support! It's thanks to Devon’s communities that our crew can attend time-critical incidents across the county and beyond, every day of the year. Even at Christmas, our crews will be ready to respond to those who need them urgently by land or by air. 

'May I take this opportunity, on behalf of all of us at Devon Air Ambulance to wish you and your loved ones, friends and neighbours a very happy Christmas.’ 

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