Devon Air Ambulance have recently signed up to an initiative which is eagerly approaching a number of charities to encourage them to show the salary on their job vacancy advertisements. 
Show The Salary is an initiative that was born out of frustration at the lack of action being taken to address pay gaps and inequity in the charity sector. At the heart of the campaign is a commitment to fairness and equity, and to the people with lived experience of the impact of salary secrecy.  

Where advertisers are seen to be keeping particular salaries a secret in their job ads, the team at Show The Salary approached them to demonstrate why this practice is discriminatory, appealing to them to sign up.  

Head of People at Devon Air Ambulance, Kim Jones commented: 

Here at Devon Air Ambulance, we actively seek ways in which we can adopt fair and non-discriminatory working practices in all that we do. With transparency being at the heart of the organisation signing up to #ShowTheSalary, felt like a perfect fit.

Devon Air ambulance is currently recruiting for a number of positions within the fundraising and finance teams, all of which include links to full job descriptions and salaries in their advertisements. 

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