Can you complete 300,000 steps this March and help raise vital funds for Devon Air Ambulance?March March parent and child walking feet only

Whether you walk, run or jog, this event is open to all. Clock up your steps at home or out and about in your local area*, either on your own or with your bubble.

You can do it!

Whether mowing your lawn, vacuuming your lounge, or taking a walk to your local shop, all your steps count!

So, what does 300,000 steps look like?

person walking in woodsSpread over the 31 days of March 300,000 steps equates to 9,677 steps a day; that is just shy of the recommended 10,000 steps a day for a moderately active adult and roughly equivalent to around 5 miles a day.

So, whether you’re a keen walker or runner, or looking to increase your daily activity this is just the challenge for you.

And remember, this isn’t a race: do it at your pace.

*Please ensure you adhere to the current government advice with regards to Covid restrictions.

Sign up today and get fundraising!

How to take part

Family out for a walk

  1. Register today for just £5 and receive your digital fundraising pack and free t-shirt*. Update your Charity Checkout fundraising page which will automatically be created when you register.
  2. Share it with your friends, family and colleagues to raise £100 for Devon Air Ambulance.
  3. Join our Facebook event group and be part of our online community for updates and motivational tips from the DAA team - ask us any questions you may have, get to know your fellow steppers, and share your stories, pics and progress.

*Your free t-shirt will be dispatched after the first donation to your fundraising page is received.

The difference your fundraising makes

13 year old Harry in hospitalYour fundraising ensures we can continue to provide life-saving treatment to the people of Devon, your friends and family, in their hour of need. The patients we save are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

As well as being to reach an incident within minutes, DAA’s team of critical care paramedics and doctors deliver advanced skills and emergency treatment at the scene.

In 2020 DAA attended over 1500 missions, including 207 night missions, 216 road traffic collisions, 251 cardiac related missions and 68 missions involving children. One of these was 13-year-old Harry, who, in summer 2020 suffered serious injuries after crash-landing on his mountain bike.

DAA critical care paramedic, Liam Kilbride, explained, “It was clear straight away that Harry had broken both his arms and wrists and his left leg and…we needed to administer further pain relief as quickly as possible. But, for various reasons, it wasn’t possible to canulate by intravenous line and we had to use an injection, straight into Harry’s shin, through which we could then administer the drug. While Harry was sedated, we were13 year old harry walking again then able to splint his limbs and prepare him for the flight to hospital.”

With Harry having endured such major trauma, DAA conveyed him to Bristol Children’s Hospital. Harry’s parents, Gary and Emma were at the scene and were grateful for the expertise and skills of the medics to ensure Harry was as comfortable as possible.

Mum Emma explained, “When we arrived, I could see that Harry’s limbs were really deformed but I was so reassured that he was absolutely in the best possible hands.”

After 8 days in Bristol and a further 4 days in Royal Devon & Exeter, Harry was discharged to begin his recovery at home.

Sign up today and make a difference to patients like Harry!

The benefits to your healthFemale pilot and 2 female paramedics walk towards aircraft

As well as the benefits to your physical fitness, keeping active daily is a great way to look after your mind. It relieves tension and stress, boosts physical and mental energy and enhances your well-being through the increased release of endorphins. And, after the tough year we’ve all endured, we could all do with a boost of the ‘feel-good’ hormones.

What happens if you miss a day?

Don’t worry! Whilst we’re running the event for the month of March, you’re the one who has made a pledge, so if your challenge takes you past March that’s ok. Just remember to keep us and your supporters updated with your progress! And, don’t forget, if you’re finding that you’re struggling check back into our Facebook event group and speak to us and your fellow participants!

Your first step is to sign up today !

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