Do you fancy jumping out of a plane? Then look no further: we have the perfect fundraising event for you...  is aiming to break the current regional record of the most skydivers jumping from 15,000 feet in just 24 hours!

Join them on Wednesday 25th July for this world record attempt and raise funds for Devon Air Ambulance. 

To book your skydive call 01404 890222

Payment options:

  1. The minimum amount Devon Air Ambulance Trust requires you to raise, in order to pay for your skydive using a portion of your sponsorship is £395.
  2. £50 non-refundable deposit is required when you book your jump.
  3. A minimum of £145 goes to Devon Air Ambulance Trust.
  4. If you are raising all sponsorship online, you are required to take on the day a copy of your online sponsorship page showing a minimum of £345 and Skydive.Buzz will invoice Devon Air Ambulance Trust for the jump.
  5. If you are raising all sponsorship offline, you are required to take on the day a personal cheque made payable to Devon Air Ambulance Trust for a minimum of £145; £200 jump balance (by cash or card taken from sponsor money) and the sponsorship forms.
  6. If you are raising sponsorship using a combination of online and offline we suggest you raise a minimum of £145online and the outstanding jump balance of £200 offline (on the day you need to bring in the £200 jump balance by cash or card).
  7. You cannot include Gift Aid as part of the minimum amount you need to raise.


  1.  To self-fund your skydive costs £250 + BPA membership (currently £16.81) per person. This must be paid out of your own money. No sponsorship money can be used to pay for this jump.
  2. All sponsorship money you raise will go to the charity (there is no minimum required with this scheme). You send this directly to Devon Air Ambulance Trust.
  3. £50 non-refundable deposit required when you book the skydive.
  4. The outstanding balance is payable to Skydive Buzz Ltd on the day of jump (by cash or card) if applicable.

For more information, including terms and conditions, please visit the  Skydive.Buzz website.