To commemorate Phil Dollman's Testimonial year and in support of our helicopters:

The real highlight of the year as Phil gets the chance to put on a spectacular night for those lucky enough to be there. We would love to tell you more, but to make it a night to remember the theme is being kept under wraps until you step into the room (or someone guesses it and tells someone else). We will bring you a night of top class food and entertainment in a night like Sandy Park has never seen before. A pre-dinner reception will allow you to meet all the other guests and prepare yourself for the main event of the evening. Phil is at the helm of the evening’s planning and is working hard to make sure it truly is a night to remember.

Experience a night at Sandy Park like no other – the greatest show the venue has ever seen.

  • This one-off, never to be repeated event, will bring you star quality and a night of spectacular surprises
  • See Single Ticket option for individual pricing.

Click here to book a table of 10 for £945

Click here for single tickets for £100 each