What did you get up to this summer, Ambrose?

This summer was a busy one! I attended agricultural shows, other summer events, and even played crazy golf at Ladram Bay. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t win, but I still had tons of fun!

What were some of the highlights?

I have to admit… I love to dance, so any opportunity to boogie on stage is the best! This year, I got to be on stage at Run or Dye at the Great Fulford Estate, down in Teignmouth at our Motorcycle Ride Out finish with Sound of the Sirens, and at the Great West Run. DAAT was the Schools’ Challenge Charity partner at the Great West Run this year, so I had the opportunity to warm up the students, which also helped me get ready for my dance on stage! I don’t mind the spotlight.

What are your favourite things about the Agricultural Shows?

I love meeting all the nice people and children who wave to me and give me high fives, whether walking around or visiting me at our DAAT stand. The friendly dogs, that aren’t scared of me, are really fun to meet too! The food is also a huge draw for me, I must confess!

You certainly work long days,  what do you usually have for lunch?

When I’m out at the shows, I enjoy a nice bag of pick and mix sweets, but now I’m back to healthy eating, making sure to get my 5-a-day. My love for dancing means I need a well-balanced diet to keep up my stamina!

I hear you went back to school this autumn…

Yes! I visited a bunch of schools with my colleagues who gave talks about what DAAT is all about. I was able to present certificates to outstanding students at Cranbrook Primary and play football at Tedburn St Mary Primary. I still have a couple more schools to visit, and I can’t wait!

Do you prefer to be out and about on your own or with your pal Jennie?

I love having Jennie by my side at events, she’s a great dance partner! Sometimes her tail and head rotor get in the way, but she tries her best!

What are your plans now that show season has come to an end?

Once I’m finished visiting schools this term, I will head into hibernation, maybe having a wake up every now and then to check my Facebook page. I need to catch up on some shut-eye! There's always new things to look forward to though!

Any idea of what you will get up to next year?

I will probably spend spring time working on improving my dance moves…then it will be back out for another full summer of meeting new friends and finding my next stage to boogie on! There's lots in the calendar to pop in my diary - I can bearly wait!

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