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The Charity

Proud of our independence

Devon Air Ambulance Trust is a registered charity.  Registered Charity No: 1077998.

Our aim is "to relieve sickness and injury in and around the county of Devon through provision of an emergency Air Ambulance Service."

Every year the Charity needs to raise £5.5 million to run the service. Of course we also need to build capital funds in order to ensure we can replace our aircraft after ten years’ service and to meet significant maintenance and repair costs plus ambitious plans to extend our operating hours.

The Charity is wholly independent meaning that through the Devon Air Ambulance Trading Company (DAATC) it applied and was successful in being awarded with its own Air Operating Certificate (AOC).  This means effectively the service and Charity are able to make more operational decisions without the need for a third party, therefore liaising directly with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


Help to make night time flight time

We need your help to fly longer into the night. Our helicopter is night flight ready but we need an extra £1 million a year to achieve our goal. Please help us by donating regularly by standing order. Here’s how.

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