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People we help

Due to patient confidentiality, we don't know the names or contact information of the people that we help unless they get in touch with us.

We try and publicise this information as often as possible because the most effective way to promote the service and raise awareness, is to tell the real life stories.  Our BBC Radio Devon Air Ambulance Appeal has really helped to do this.  Click here to go to listen to the stories of just a few of the patients that their reporters have spoken to over the last 12 months.

Below you will find some case studies about just a few of the patients we have made a difference to.  Many of the full stories have or will feature in our HeliPad magazine too.  If you don't receive our three times a year magazine, you can sign up for it now, by clicking here . Alternatively it is also available on our downloads page.

BBC Radio Devon's presenter Michael Chequer chatted to many patients as part of the BBC Radio Devon Air Ambulance Appeal.  If you would like to listen to some of the audio click here to be redirected.

We'll be adding more patients stories regularly so please check back here soon!

Lauren's Story - 
Beautiful, happy smile

Lauren Lauren is a typical four-year old; lively and enthusiastic, with a ready smile for everyone.  She has a sister, Ellie, aged six and a little brother, Alfie, who is nearly two.

In August 2010, Lauren and Ellie were invited to stay over at their grandparents farm, just half a mile down the road from their home, in Westleigh near Tiverton.  Ellie and Lauren loved the adventure of staying at Grandma’s and were happy to help in many aspects of farming.

Next morning, along with their auntie and a farmhand, they were busy in the milking parlour preparing all the cows and young calves to be milked.  Lauren was particularly excited and showing everyone her ‘special new dance’ when she tripped and fell backwards, landing heavily into a bucket of boiling water. Read more. 

  Harry's Story

Harry Blunt patient Harry was 2 years old and when he was kicked in the face by a horse in June 2010.  He was airlifted by the Devon Air Ambulance.

Harry's parents Lisa and Roy got in touch, and said 'We want to say a massive thank you to you all, from start to finish.'  Lisa admitted that due to her not having dealt with the Air Ambulance before she was cynical about the Trust and viewed the service as an extravagance, she has subsequently 'been converted'.

 Lisa added 'The speed, the care - including Ambrose the Bear, a simple but very effective idea - were second to none and the fact that the paramedic came looking for Harry in casualty later on shows they care about their patients.'

Harry, together with his parents, and sister Holly, have recently visited us at our airbase, when Harry was reunited with paramedics Paul Robinson and Mark Hawley, who had looked after him.  Harry is pictured above with Paul.

De Debbie Allen bbie's Story

Debbie wrote in and told us her story.  She said 'I was out riding my horse, when I fell off.  I felt a sharp pain in my head and felt very sick.

The Air Ambulance was called, as I hit my head quite hard (whilst, wait for it - I was riding without a hat!). You would not believe I sell riding hats for a living.  Read more

Jill's Story

Jill and Jim were geocaching near Meldon Reservoir and Jill slipped and tumbled into a ravine and broke her ankle.  There was no mobile reception so Jim climbed to a nearby hill top and met some Scouts who called the Ambulance. Read more

Braydon and Nigel Lang

Braydon's Story

When baby Braydon, just 2 days old at the time, got into difficulties the Devon Air Ambulance was on hand to help him.  Braydon was airlifted from Honiton the RD&E Wonford Hospital in Exeter.  He was later transferred to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, then by Royal Navy helicopter from Derriford to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, in order to receive specialist treatment.  Read more

Dave Farr

Dave's Story

Dave (pictured second from left) helped us at the launch of our helicopter in September 2008, by telling  his story to the press, in order to publicise the difference that the service has made to his life, and that of his family.

Whilst working in a remote location, on a construction site, Dave received severe injuries, caused by a falling sheet of metal.  This resulted in a hind quarter amputation.  Read more.

Tom Staniford


Tom was knocked off his bicycle, and received life threatening injuries.  He arrested twice in the aircraft on the way to hospital.

Tom's story is all the more poignant to the charity as his situation and injuries were very similar to those of Ceri Thomas, whose mum set up the charity in Devon.  Because Tom was taken to hospital as quickly as possible, he survived.  Sadly Ceri did not.  

Tom is also an Olympic class cyclist. He was due to take part in this years Deaf Olympics, but sadly got injured.


Toby wrote to us, after an accident at home, when he put his arms through a glass door. He suffered severe injuries, and required urgent surgery, suffering extensive blood loss from the wounds. Read more

Derek Viner


Derek also dropped us a line to tell us his experiences with the Devon Air Ambulance. He was at the start of a walk from Westward Ho! to Clovelly, when he was stung by a flying insect. He continued his walk, but soon realised he was suffering from an allergic reaction to the sting. On the coastal path, he was a long way away from the nearest road. Read more

Wayne Burton Wayne 

Wayne, a jockey, had a nasty fall whilst racing at Exeter Race Course.  Speed was of the essence as he had suffered suspected spinal injuries, plus was unconscious. Read more.