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Here for all - from birth upwards

Due to patient confidentiality, we don't know the names or contact information of the people that we help unless they get in touch with us.  If you have been airlifted, or know someone who has been, our Patient Liaision Officer Debbie Gregory would love to hear from you.  You can email Debbie or ring 01392 466666.  Alternatively complete and return our form.

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Below you will find a few stories from some of the patients we have helped.  Many of the full stories have featured in our Helipad magazine too.  If you don't receive our three times a year magazine, you can sign up to it on our home page.  Pictured above is little Lauren who was airlifted after receiving serious scalding.

Freddie fell out of a first floor bedroom window on Christmas Day 2011. He was flown from his home in Bradworthy  to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, then to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol for specialist treatment. He has made a full recovery.  His granddad Ian was airlifted a few months before after being stung in the mouth by a bee that was hiding in his can of drink !


Medical student Linzie was used to seeing the Air Ambulance at work but never imagined she would need the service. She went from feeling unwell to liver failure, needing a transfer to Kings College in London for an urgent liver transplant.  “I have such gratitude to Devon Air Ambulance. I would never have survived a lengthy road journey to London. I know in huge part it's down to DAA that I’m still here.”

South Devon three year old Mabel told dad Harry her head was hurting and she felt poorly. Her eyes then would not focus.  Calling 999 the land crew paramedic assessed her and recognised she had a cerebral bleed and had suffered a stroke. She was taken to Torbay Hospital and then airlifted for specialist treatment at  Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. She continues to make good progress. 




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