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It's all about team work and partnership!  This is as true for the crews on the helicopters as much as the small team working behind the scene at the Charity's office in Exeter, or its network of charity shops across the county. We particularly value the excellent working relationships we have with our operators and with the ambulance service.  

The Pilots
Our pilots are highly experienced, usually with a military or service background.  They are employed by our operators Devon and Cornwall Police.  These posts are fully funded by the Charity.

The Paramedics
Our paramedics are employed by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and seconded to the Air Ambulance.  These secondments are currently funded by the Ambulance Service with a small subsidy from the Charity to secure their contribution seven days a week.

They undergo extensive training on navigation and safety skills prior to becoming aircrew, with regular refresher courses as well as continuing professional and clinical development.  This training is supported by the Charity.

HEMS Desk Team
Although they don't fly on the helicopter an essential part of the team are our HEMS desk operators.  Based at the South Western Ambulance Service 999 control room but funded by the region's air ambulance charities, they are responsible for deciding where and when the helicopter is deployed.


Rob Mackie Rob Mackie Snr HEMS Pilot & Safety Manager
Damian Irving Damian Irving
Steve Rush Steve Rush
Dan Smith Dan Smith Pilot


Adrian Parker Adrian Parker
Chris Saunders Chris Saunders
Kate Adlam Kate Adlam
Mark Hawley Mark Hawley
Mark Langley Mark Langley
Nigel Lang Nigel Lang
Paul Robinson Paul Robinson
Dave Huyton Dave Huyton
Richard Walker Richard Walker Paramedic
Steve Wright Steve Wright Paramedic
Haydn Glanvill Haydn Glanvill Paramedic

Clinical Support Officers

Nigel Hare Nigel Hare Operations Director (part-time)
Darren Goodwin Darren Goodwin Clinical Support Officer
Glenn Birtwistle Glenn Birtwistle Lead Paramedic - Eaglescott
Helen Mackie Helen Mackie Lead Paramedic - Exeter


Kelly Thompson Kelly Thompson Hems Dispatcher
Nikki Bolt Nikki Bolt Hems Dispatcher and Supervisor
Paul Holmes Paul Holmes Hems Dispatcher