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Grateful dad tells lifesaving charity of twins airlifts

Added on: 20 May 2011

Ben and AlexIt’s not unusual for Devon’s Air Ambulances to come to the aid of children who have either had an accident, or fallen ill.  However, to come to the aid of twins who have both been airlifted  two years apart, is slightly unusual, and they’re still only three years old!

Dad Andy explained ‘At the beginning of 2009 the Devon Air Ambulance came to the rescue of Benjamin who had fallen ill with pneumonia. At the time we were snowed in on our farm and the helicopter was the only way out. We didn’t realise at the time quite how ill Benjamin was, and he needed urgent care at Musgrove Park hospital.  It’s fair to say the Air Ambulance saved his life.’
‘On Saturday 16 April, Alexander and Benjamin sneaked their way on to their trampoline while our backs were turned. In no time at all, Alexander had climbed onto the outside of the safety net and so Benjamin decided to give him a friendly shove.  Alex fell about one metre onto his head and was knocked unconscious. Despite our efforts, my wife and I were unable to bring him round so we dialled 999.  Once again the Devon Air Ambulance was called and took Alexander to Musgrove Park hospital. After a short stay in hospital I’m pleased to say that Alex is now back at home and doing well.’

‘I’ve heard about the competitive nature of twins, but didn’t realise it would ever extend to being airlifted to hospital, especially as they’re only just three!’

‘Alexander and Benjamin have an older brother, Oliver who’s  four years old, and he’s desperate to travel in your helicopter, and we’re desperate to avoid this at all costs!’
‘Thank you very much for the excellent service you provide, I can honestly say that my family’s life would not be the same without you guys.’

Andy added ‘It’s great that a parent can travel with a child and provide the reassurance necessary, this works equally well for the parent, it would be awful not being able to be with your child under such traumatic circumstances. It’s just an amazing service.’

The family recently visited our airbase at Exeter airport, complete with Ambrose Bears, Oliver is pictured centre.

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