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National Air Ambulance Week 2013

Have you watched the promotional video produced by the Association of Air Ambulances yet?  There's many familiar faces who are pledging their support for National Air Ambulance Week.   Click here to take a look.  

Be a hero

Could you be a hero for the day?

Why not dress up as your hero for the day during National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW) which this year is between 23 and 29 September?

Who is yo ur hero? It might be Bat Man, Superman or one of our aircrew, a member of the emergency services, or maybe your dad is your hero? 

We are able to help with publicity and a few posters.  Or if you plan to be a hero for a day why not raise sponsorship?  You can apply for your sponsorship pack on line here
or why not create your own page electronically at JustGiving here ?

If you are taking part please let us know and also who is your hero, so we can give you a plug on our Hero list.

Our staff will be leading the way during National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW) by dressing up as their heroes.

Or hold your own event ....
If you don’t feel you could dress up as a hero, why not hold your own event?  The choice of what to do is yours.  You could put on your own fundraising event, dressing up or down at school or your place of work, to simply making a donation.  The choice is yours.

By supporting your LOCAL Air Ambulance you will be making a huge difference, as every penny raised will go a long way in helping to save lives within our community.

We are delighted to be working with the other Air Ambulance charities across the country, under the Association of Air Ambulances (AAA) umbrella.  This means that although we are all sharing initiatives and working as a collective, we are still very much working for and within the community that we serve.”

To register your event or find out more, contact one of our fundraising team on 01392 466666 or email

NAAW is an initiative put together by the Association of Air Ambulances (‘AAA’), the trade organisation which unites not only Air Ambulance charities from across the country, but also operators and ambulance services. The Association gives a national voice to a local service. 

Key messages of NAAW:  

•    Support your local Air Ambulance
•    The Air Ambulance Association (AAA) gives a national voice to a local service
•    Your local Air Ambulance is here for everyone
•    Independent of Government funding - your Air Ambulance is funded by you
•    In 2011 1,336 jobs were flown of which 14% were for children
•    Money donated to your local Air Ambulance is always spent locally