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Annual Accounts 2011

Check back soon to view our 2012 Annual Accounts.

We were pleased to maintain our income once again during another tough economic year.  Again we have stuck to our core fundraising strategy: providing as many straight-forward ways to support the Charity at all levels as possible.  Our primary focus remains on encouraging and supporting fundraising by the community rather than trying to do it all ourselves.

Overall income in 2011 was £5,399,000 a 21% increase on the previous year.  Excluding unpredictable legacy income, all other streams were in aggregate 20% higher than for 2010. This is very encouraging and exceeded our expectations.

If you roll over the graphs below you can see some explanations of how the different sources of income have fared.  As these show, we saw some shifts in income trends, with straight forward donations increasing and a slight decerase in community fundraising income.  Net profits from the shops and lottery increased again.

Fundraising return per £1 increased from £3.02 in 2010 to £3.27 in 2011.

The Charity took the decision to spend £221,000 on improvements to the layout in Trust HQ to maximise the efficient use of space, thus avoiding a more costly disruption by re-locating.

This information is taken from our full audited accounts for 2011 and is intended to give an overview of our income and expenditure during the period. Please see our annual accounts for an in-depth picture of our financial position at the year end and our activities and achievements during the year.

Download Audited Accounts - 2011 See financial details from previous year 2010
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